Are you interested in supporting a social enterprise while travelling? Or looking for some good travel tips? This page lists some of the amazing people we’ve met and resources we’ve found useful while travelling.

Social Enterprise

Sri Lanka – Rice & Carry

Hidden deep among the coastal rice paddies in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, a small company is making a big difference in the war on waste. Rice & Carry is a social enterprise that seeks to improve the lives of local women, while providing an alternative outlet for waste that would otherwise end up in landfill. Making anything from purses to laptop cases to surf wax combs, this company uses a whole range of unusual materials and new technologies to transform trash into unique, practical products that are ideal for travellers.

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Sri Lanka – Salvage

Salvage Sri Lanka is a jewellery company with a difference, creating not only unique and sustainable products but also providing skills, jobs and support for people in need. Based out of Colombo and developed with the help of many passionate individuals, it’s an organisation built on two key objectives; to recycle and rehabilitate.

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Sri Lanka – Original Source & Supply

Original Source and Supply is a small business based out of Sri Lanka that creates and sells hand crafted, thoughtfully produced and individually unique pieces of artwork, stationary, home ware and clothing. I was fortunate enough to meet the woman behind the brand to find out how it all began.

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Laos – COPE

COPE stands for Cooperative Orthotic & Prosthetic Enterprise and it is the main source of artificial limbs, walking aids and wheelchairs in Laos. Their mission, put simply, is to help people with mobility-related disabilities move on by supporting access to physical rehabilitation services.

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Vietnam – KOTO

Know One, Teach One. This is the mantra by which Vietnam’s first social enterprise lives and thrives on. KOTO is a non-profit that endeavours to end the cycle of poverty by supporting and empowering underprivileged youths. It does this by utilising what Vietnam knows best… Food.

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South East Asia – Travelfish.org

Travelfish is an independent travel guide to South East Asia and has a heap of great information that we found incredibly useful, particularly in deciding which areas to visit and how to get around. They also have some great recommendations for bars and attractions, especially in the big cities.

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Cambodia – Move to Cambodia

Ostensibly a guide for helping expats settle in to Cambodia, we found a lot of great information on this site – particularly transport recommendations and explanations. We were really happy with their recommendations for getting around Cambodia comfortably and safely (Cambodia Post Van, Giant Ibis Bus) as well as some of their fantastic and detailed background information on places to visit all around the country.

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