hoi an by night 2018

Visiting Hoi An, Vietnam in 2018

Nestled on the banks of the Thu Bon River, 30km south of Danang, is the ancient town of Hoi An. A small town with a rich history, and one that people flock to in droves. Despite having a population of just 120,000, the town caters to upwards of three million tourists per year, and there are no signs of its popularity slowing down. From ancient buildings to enticing beaches to the surrounding highlands, Hoi An has a lot to offer. We spent a couple of weeks wandering the red hot streets and thought we should share our two cents on the town in 2018.

Sri Lanka’s happiest cooks – a tale of kindness

Travel is so romanticised, it’s easy to forget how much of it consists of killing time, waiting for transport in towns made for leaving, or riding stinking hot buses with your knees wrapped around your ears sitting in seats built for a six year old. After six months on the road it’s easy to get jaded sometimes, and then you find something that reminds you why you love it. On the side of a dusty road in north-eastern Sri Lanka, the Pasta Hut reignited my faith.

Sri Lankan Food – a menu for the day

Getting to taste and try local food is one of the most exciting aspects of travelling for me. Sri Lankan food may sound simple but is deceptively complex. What is listed on the menu as Rice and Curry is often comprised of four or five different curries with additional sauces. We’ve found the food to be fresh, tasty and very spicy – here are a few of our favourites:

Giving up plastic for Lent

This year I’m following in the recent footsteps of the Queen (who has banned single-use plastic from her palaces), and in the spirit of preserving the beautiful ocean that I swim in most days, I have decided to give up plastic for lent; again.