The Lantern Lady, Hoi An

Hoi An is a small, ancient town on the Vietnamese central coast. A popular tourist hot-spot, the UNESCO world heritage site is known for winding canals, mouth-watering signature food and local handicrafts. Perhaps most famous of all is their love of lanterns.

Papaya Studio

Tucked away in one of Bangkok’s more obscure suburbs is the incredible and very peculiar Papaya Studio. A vintage shop with no price tags, a museum with no floor plan, an arcane wonderland so large and diverse you could spend a full day inside and not see even half of it… this place is one of a kind.

Sustainability Spotlight: Salvage Sri Lanka

Salvage Sri Lanka is a jewellery company with a difference, creating not only unique and sustainable products but also providing skills, jobs and support for people in need. Based out of Colombo and developed with the help of many passionate individuals, it’s an organisation built on two key objectives; to recycle and rehabilitate.