Footprints in the sand


We are Tom and Hannah, a couple of lucky things who have saved our cash, sold our stuff and hit The Road. We are amazingly privileged to be able to explore this big blue globe of ours and along the way we’ve met a lot of interesting people doing inspiring things. We feel compelled to share some of their stories where we can and highlight the great work they are doing.

This blog is our humble attempt to document the things we see, the people we meet and the organisations trying to make a difference. Between us there’s a bloody huge amount of stuff that tickles our fancy, but we expect this will feature a mix of art, food, travel and sustainability.

On that last word, we don’t believe that we are in any way shining beacons of conservation. We have however been fortunate enough to travel to some spectacular places and we hope that those who come after us will have that same opportunity. In that vein, we love people who are doing their best to leave behind nothing but footprints on this wild ride.